October 2022

Faster onboarding, and more flexibility with sub-accounts. iQ11 continues to improve as does the API.

Onboarding Not for Profits, Associations and Charities

We recognize that different business types need an adapted experience from VoPay to be successful. VoPay now supports specific onboarding processes for entities that are Not for Profits with specific types of ownership and control structures.


For enterprises that have multiple business units, spread across geographies or operate under multiple names, we've created sub-account types that will allow you to effectively manage and segregate transactions and user activity to the specific entity and partitions. Further, you can ensure that your employees get access to just the right amount of information and nothing more.

iQ11 Support for Bank Transaction History

We've added endpoints to the iQ11 family that allow you to request transaction history for connected bank accounts. Depending on the financial institution, we are able to retrieve up to 12 months of transaction history. If you're using the Dashboard, you will be able to see balance and transaction history when viewing a connected bank account.

API and Webhook Improvements

Changes in an account's status are now captured and delivered via webhook updates. This is especially useful if you are a Partner or are using sub-accounts.