ACH - US Bank Payments

The dominant retail payment rail in the US that can be used for payouts and collections

Enhance Your Payment Workflow with Advanced ACH Processing

VoPay’s ACH payment service enhances the current legacy ACH payment service that dominates the retail payments landscape in the US. It is an electronic payment type that allows businesses to debit or credit payments from one bank account to another. You can set up one-time or recurring ACH payments to:

• Send payments directly to a vendor or supplier directly to their bank account

• Collect payments directly from a client with rapid availability of funds

This payment scheme is used for the movement of funds in USD between USA-domiciled bank accounts.

How does it work?

Processing Times

Once an ACH transaction is initiated it will follow the following timeline:

• Collecting payment: T + 1 business day for funds to arrive (plus additional hold times may be added based on risk measures)

• Sending payment: same day or next day based on ACH service type used (same day ACH and standard ACH are both offered)

Cut-Off Times

“Cut Off Time" is the recommended latest time on a Business Day, as advised to you from time to time, by which we must receive your Debit or Credit Instructions in order for us to process them on the payment due date.

The payments are only processed or settled on business days. Please note that if the payment date falls on a non-business day, then the transaction is processed to your customer’s account on the next business day. You can adjust your payment schedules to settle on the business day before or after the holidays.

A business day is any day other than Saturday, Sunday or a Federal statutory holiday. For more details on statutory holidays please visit the Holiday Calendar.

There is one cut-off time to submit ACH payments:

Transaction and Cancellation Statuses

Below is a list of transactions status for a payment, from start to finish:


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 2

Stage 3






CANCELLED by Merchant

Transaction initiated

Transaction approved by VoPay

Transaction being processed by the bank

Funds have cleared or transaction was unsuccessful

Transaction cancelled by VoPay’s risk team after it’s been REQUESTED

Transaction cancelled by the merchant before it goes into IN PROGRESS