Partner Integration Workflow

Some best practises when integrating as a Partner

This page is applicable to any Partner that is integrating VoPay from a technology standpoint - be it an ISO, ISV or PayFac. If you are not integrating VoPay from a technology standpoint, you will still have access to VoPay's Partner Portal - please reach out to your partner manager.

Every Partner will have to consider two onboarding processes:

  1. Onboarding the Partner itself - this is a one-time event that occurs between VoPay and the Partner. An onboarded Partner will have a set of partner credentials that will allow them to move to step 2
  2. Onboarding Accounts - this occurs each time the Partner wishes to onboard an Account. With the appropriate partner credentials and permissions, a Partner may onboard VoPay Accounts fully through the API allowing for a seamless path to getting to a stage where transactions can be processed
StepApplicable To (Partner Type)Endpoint
Create an AccountISV, PayFacpartner/account
Create a Billing PackageISVPartner Portal only at this time
Managing Account PermissionsPayFacpartner/account/set-permissions
Generating Account Onboarding FormsPayFacpartner/account/onboarding-url

Partner Webhooks

Partner webhooks are designed to notify the Partner about the changes in the status of one of their VoPay Accounts. The Partner webhook will not notify you of transaction activity or transaction processing updates. For the latter, you must use the Account credentials to subscribe to Account webhooks.