Plaid Integration

Our partnership with Plaid allows clients who wish to integrate directly with Plaid to use that integration in conjunction with VoPay and take advantage of our open finance payment service. You can learn more here. With the VoPay API, users can initiate payments via EFT / ACH through a single implementation. VoPay’s solution supports the full cycle of money movement for growing businesses, including payment initiation, approvals, monitoring, and reconciliation. As part of the integration, VoPay customers can utilize Plaid’s APIs for real-time payment initiation.

For clients with an existing integration with Plaid or who plan to use the Plaid APIs directly, it is recommended that you use the processor token workflow.

Common Behaviour

  • Navigate the user to the Plaid login screen, typically using your Plaid iframe.
  • The user selects their preferred financial institution from the iFrame.
  • The user logs in to their online banking account.
  • The user selects the account they wish to use.
  • Plaid returns the Plaid Public Token and Account ID to you.


With the Processor Token approach, you are responsible for exchanging the Public Token for an Access Token. When you wish to initiate a transaction, you will call Plaid’s API to create a Processor Token from your Access Token.

The full step-by-step process after you receive the Public Token and Account ID from the Plaid iframe is as follows:

  • Within 30 minutes you exchange the Plaid Public Token you received for an Access Token by calling Plaid’s endpoint /item/public_token/exchange.
  • Once you successfully receive the AccessToken you need to generate the Processor Token by calling Plaid's endpoint processor/token/create
  • You make an API call to the desired EFT endpoint, providing the PlaidProcessorToken instead of account number, transit number, and financial institution number.
  • iQ11 fetches the account number, transit number, and financial institution number for the specified Plaid Processor token and uses that to process the EFT transaction.


Important Note

To use the Plaid integration, you need to configure your Plaid connection with the endpoint account/set-plaid-credentials. After this step you will be able to connect successfully.