Flinks Integration

Our partnership with Flinks allows clients who have an existing account to integrate with VoPay and take advantage of our open banking payments service. You can learn more here. In order to enable this integration you must provide us with your own Flinks API URL, which typically looks like this:


Flinks should provide you with your own {customerId} and an {instance} that uniquely defines your particular Flinks integration. Once your VoPay account has been configured to use Flinks, you will be able to make API calls using a Flinks Account and Login ID instead of the bank account and institution numbers.

The typical workflow for a Flinks-enabled integration with iQ11 are as follows:

  • Navigate user to the Flinks login screen, typically using an embedded iframe.
  • User selects their preferred financial institution from the iframe.
  • User logs in to their online banking account.
  • User selects the account they wish to use.
  • Flinks redirects the user back to your website and provides the login ID and Account ID.
  • You make an API call to the desired EFT endpoint, providing FlinksAccountID and FlinksLoginID instead of the account number, transit number, and financial institution number.
  • iQ11 fetches the account number, transit number, and financial institution number for the specified Flinks Account ID and uses that to process the EFT transaction.


Important Note

To use the Flinks integration, you need to configure your Flinks URL using the endpoint account/set-flinks-credentials. After this step you will be able to connect successfully.