Interac e-Transfer: Request Money

Sending instant money requests to Canadian individuals or businesses allowing for real-time collections

The Interac e-Transfer® Request Money service offers a rapid, secure, and cost-effective means of collecting funds from individuals or businesses. In this process, the payor only needs to approve the transaction request received via email. This approach simplifies the requirements to just the payor's email address, allowing them to fulfill the request easily from any of their Canadian bank accounts.

When to use

This scheme is best used when you need to collect relatively smaller amounts (less than $3,000) per transaction and when you have the payor's email address as opposed to their account number. Furthermore, the funds are available in real-time but keep in mind, that the payor needs to approve each request.

How does it work?

VoPay offers money requests in two modalities - email-based or embedded.

  • Email-based: The money request is initiated by calling VoPay's money request API which then triggers an Interac email to the payor. When the payor fulfills the request, you are notified that the transaction has been fulfilled
  • Embedded: The money request is displayed in an embedded form, generated as an iFrame inline within your web or mobile experience. The user can choose their financial institution which will open their banking app to allow them to approve the request. You are then notified when the request is fulfilled

Using the embedded option requires GenerateURL to be set to true when using the money request API

Processing schedule

Through the Interac e-Transfer Request Money solution, you can initiate requests and receive payments 24/7/365. Transactions are processed in real-time, once approved by the payor, and funds are available immediately so that businesses can access these funds when they need them.


Money Requests that are unfulfilled can be cancelled through the cancellation endpoint. The cancellation request will fail if the payor fulfills the request before the cancellation has been processed.