Interac e-Transfer: Payouts

Sending instant email based payments to Canadian individuals or businesses allowing for real-time payouts

Interac e-Transfer® for Business payment service is a streamlined, secure, and cost-efficient way to send instant payments in a single file upload, without the need for recipients’ banking information. Recipients can receive immediate payments anytime, anywhere.

Send unlimited Interac e-Transfer payments in near real-time with a $25,000 per payment limit.

How does it work?

  • Businesses only require the recipient’s email address to send money (no financial information of the recipient is required for payment)
  • Once the payment is sent, recipients are notified by email
  • Recipients can deposit their payment at the financial institution of their choice by answering a security question

Use Cases

The Interac e-Transfer for Business solution can be used for a wide range of purposes, with payment flows customizable to suit business needs. Some common payout use cases includes:

  • Earned Wage Access: employers can send real-time payouts of earned wages to workers using only an email address
  • Lending: lenders can offer a real-time loan funding option and exceed customer expectations when they need money quickly
  • Insurance: Optimize the insurance claim payout process and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Gig Economy: Companies can give gig workers the option to receive real-time payouts for their work
  • Property Management: Send, request & receive rental payments anytime, anywhere in Canada to anyone who has an email or mobile phone

Interac e-Transfer Processing schedule

Through Interac e-Transfer for Business, clients can now initiate and receive payments 24/7/365. Transactions are processed in real time and funds are available immediately so that businesses can access these funds when they need them.


At midnight EST, VoPay will make available two daily reports for Interac e-Transfer payments:

  1. Daily outstanding transfers report, listing all transfers that remain pending at the end of the previous day.
  2. Daily finalized transfers report, listing all transfers that were completed or cancelled the previous day, along with one of the following reasons:
  • Reached cancellation cut-off without being deposited
  • The recipient declined the transfer (after authenticating successfully)
  • The recipient failed to answer the security question
  • Manual cancellation via VoPay
  • Automated cancellation via a cancel transfers request (customer-initiated)
  • Failure to deliver email notice (after attempting to retry, when appropriate, for a certain period of time)

Transaction and cancellation statuses

Below is list of transaction statuses for a payment, from start to finish:


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3




Interac e-Transfer transaction initiated

Interac e-Transfer email sent to recipient

Interac e-Transfer accepted by recipient


Once an Interac e-Transfer request has been processed and the specified transfers have been created, the sender can cancel them up until they’re picked up by the recipient, through the submission of a cancel transfer request.

Error codes

Error codes for a pending/ in progress Interac e-Transfer:

  • 506 Transfer has already been cancelled: failed to cancel a transfer through a bulk request as it’s already been cancelled
  • 507 Transfer already picked up: failed to cancel a transfer through a bulk request as it’s been picked up already

Error codes for a completed Interac e-Transfer

  • 0 Bulk cancellation request
  • 1 Recipient rejected
  • 2 Railed authentication
  • 3 Reached cancellation cut-off
  • 4 OAS cancellation
  • 5 Notification delivery failure