Sandbox Overview

The VoPay sandbox is a self-contained, virtual testing environment that mimics the live VoPay production environment. Before going live in the production environment, you will need to set up a VoPay account and go through the integration process. Our payment integration team will need to verify whether all API requests and responses are correctly handled and whether user experiences are as expected.

You can get your API key here.

If you are new to payments and would like to get started using our dashboard experience, our sales team will be happy to schedule a demonstration. You can contact our sales team here.

Sandbox Transaction Processing

Since we are in a testing environment, we cannot process the transactions in the same way that production does. For that reason, we have created a simple way for you to follow the whole lifecycle of the transaction.

Every minute each transaction will change its status until they reach one of the following statuses: failed, cancelled, or successful; depending on the transaction amount. These rules apply to all funding, withdrawal, bulk payout and money request transactions.


The transaction status will change based on the decimal portion of its amount (cents). If you want your transactions to fall in the next statuses, please create them under the following rules:

- .01 - .09 - Transaction will fail immediately, before it is processed

- .10 - .19 - Transaction will fail after it has gone in progress

- .20 - .29 - Transaction will fail after it has been marked as successful

- .30 - .39 - Transaction will be cancelled

- .40 - .49 - Transaction will be cancelled after it is gone in progress (bulk transfer only, for Interac e-Transfer money request and EFT it will just be cancelled same as the previous scenario). Bulk payout transactions that are in progress and have Fi Reference Number will change to "cancellation requested" status.

- .50 - 59 - No automatic processing will occur at all. These will be left to be processed manually by support to test specific scenarios clients request.

The rest of the amounts (.60 to .99 and integer values) will be processed automatically reaching a successful status.

Scheduled Transactions in Sandbox

Scheduled transactions will be executed on the day scheduled by you (the same as the production environment does). The only difference is once the funding transaction is created it will follow the rules mentioned in the section above.

For more information about scheduled transactions please go here.


As in the production environment, you will receive a webhook for each transaction status change. In other words, every minute, a new status will be sent to the URL specified in your webhook configuration.

For more information about webhooks please go here.

Account Creation

By default, we auto activate newly onboarded accounts and sub-accounts in the sandbox.

If you would like to simulate the full account onboarding lifecycle in the sandbox, you can do so by appending a specific suffix to your account name when you create the account or sub-account:

Account NameExampleRule
ends with -WF0Bruce Wayne-WF0Auto approve each stage in the onboarding workflow
ends with -WF1Bruce Wayne-WF1Auto approve each stage in the onboarding workflow except for Application Pending
ends with -WF2Bruce Wayne-WF2Auto approve each stage in the onboarding workflow; reject at Compliance Review
does not end with -WF0, -WF1, or -WF2Bruce WayneActivate account immediately

Differences Between Sandbox and Production

Sandbox is a simulated environment as it relates to transaction processing and other processes that have an operational element.

  • Two factor authentication for portal access is not enforced in sandbox, is required in production
  • Embedded connection experiences have a fictitious bank (VoPay Bank) in iFrames generated in sandbox
  • New accounts created can be auto-activated in the simulated environment. In production, accounts created go through the appropriate regulatory and compliance procedures
  • Interac Money Request Embedded experiences are simulated as Interac doesn't provide a sandbox environment for testing
  • Interac Bulk Payout does not offer a sandbox payee experience
  • Transaction states are simulated on sandbox based on the amount of the transaction
  • Bank and routing information is not validated in the sandbox environments

What’s Next

Start exploring our API functionality.