Commonly Used Endpoints

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of common actions and their associated API calls

We've compiled a list of the most commonly requested actions and the specific API call that can be used to trigger said action.

Use CaseAPI RouteOutcomeComments
Create a wallet (client account) for your customer that allows you to partition transactions and hold funds in a virtual entityaccount/client-accounts/individualCreates an individual (or business) client account which is subsequently used for transaction operationsTake note of ClientAccountID you get in response. Use this to identify your customer uniquely
Generate an embedded experience (iFrame) that can be presented to an end user allowing them to add a payment method like a bank account or cardiq11/generate-embed-urlGenerates a unique URL to embed into your application as an iFrame. End users will use this experience to connect their bank account or card which is then tokenized and returned to you.Pass in the ClientAccountID with request, so the bank account is associated to the client. Take note of the token you receive in the response, as this will be unique token for the connected payment method for that client
Set the given bank account as the defaultaccount/set-my-bank-accountAssociates the bank account associated with a token as the default bank account either for a VoPay account or for a client accountIn the case of setting this as a default bank account for a client, provide the unique ClientAccountID for the client and pass SetAsDefault = true
Get all bank accounts for a clientbank-accountLists all bank accounts and get additional details for these bank accountsPass in the ClientAccountID to get list of all bank accounts for a client. Pass in the ClientAccountID and Token to get details of a specific bank account for the client
Create a pull EFT transactioneft/fundFunds your VoPay account by debiting funds from the specified customer’s bank accountWhen specifying a ClientAccountID, funds will move from a bank account to the associated Client Account. Otherwise, funds will be pulled in to your VoPay balance.
You may specify a bank account using the bank account details or via a VoPay or data aggregator processor token
Create a push EFT transactioneft/withdrawSends funds to a client using the balance in your VoPay accountWhen specifying a ClientAccountID, funds will move from the associated Client Account to a bank account. Otherwise, funds will be withdrawn from your VoPay balance