eCheck: Digital eChecks in Canada

eChecks are a digital version of the traditional paper check allowing funds to be debited from U.S. and Canadian bank accounts

Introduction to eCheck

eChecks are a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to accept payments from customers. By using our iQ11 API, you can easily integrate eChecks into your payment system and streamline your payment processes.

eChecks are initiated by the recipient and you are required to obtain authorization from the payor before the payment. VoPay offers an integrated eCheck solution that uses a combination of payment rails and procedures such as pre-authorized debits (PAD) to make accepting and processing eChecks seamless.

VoPay eCheck Process

VoPay eCheck Process

How eChecks work in Canada

In Canada, eChecks are processed through the EFT. You must use VoPay's embedded experience that allows the payor to connect their bank account while accepting the digital pre-authorized debit agreement. After the payor connects their bank account, the payment is then processed as an eCheck, which leads to the funds moving from the payor's bank account in to your VoPay account.

How eChecks work in the US

In the US, eChecks are processed through the ACH network, which is governed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). When a customer makes a payment using an eCheck, their bank debits the funds from their account and sends the payment information to our company.

Additional Consideration

There are a few limitations to using eChecks that you should be aware of:

  • eChecks can only be used for payments in U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars
  • eChecks can only be used for transactions within the U.S. or Canada (local payments)
  • eChecks will follow processing times for EFT and ACH rails