VoPay provides the option to create HTTP callbacks via a POST request, commonly called webhooks or push notifications. These events are triggered when some changes occur in your application at any time. For example, if your transaction has been approved or changes status, we will notify you about that change.

These notifications eliminate the need to poll the API to discover changes to account records or receive updates on payments.

How it works

To receive the notification, you have to set up the URL properly. After this configuration occurs, the system will start to send notifications.

The system will attempt to send the webhook three times, expecting a 200 HTTP status code to mark the webhook as a success. If in the first attempt the webhook takes longer than 5 seconds, or it fails, the system will wait five minutes to do the second attempt but this time, it will wait for 15 seconds to get a successful response. If it fails again, it will try 5 minutes later and wait 30 seconds to get a successful response. After the third attempt, the webhook will be considered as deprecated and it will not try again.


Adding a Webhook URL

To add a webhook URL, simply call the Add Webhook URL endpoint

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