Introduction to Partners

VoPay provides a dedicated set of capabilities for partner entities

A Partner is an entity that is generally not processing their own transactions but instead providing a platform within which payments are embedded or have a complementary product or service that leads to the introduction of embedded payments. For such entities, VoPay provides a tailored toolkit through our Partner endpoints.

Partners vs Accounts

  • As a VoPay Partner, you have the ability to onboard new accounts (processing entities). Partner entities also have the ability to manage permissions, limits and commercial arrangements with accounts created by them. It is possible to onboard new accounts via API or through the Partner Portal.
  • On the other hand, VoPay Accounts are processing entities that are onboarding on to VoPay's platform and have the ability to process payments, create ledgers and have a white-label experience in their interactions with their clients. This entity is mandatory for any transaction processing to occur. VoPay Accounts may also have Sub-Accounts; they can be used to segregate a portion of a business based on a different operating name, business unit or geography. Each Sub Account is an Account and can be granularly controlled as such.
Relationships between various types of accounts

Relationships between various types of accounts

Partner Types

VoPay Partners belong to one of three types and the type of partner dictates the responsibilities and role played by the partner with respect to their own Partner Account and well as VoPay Accounts.

  1. Independent Sales Organization (ISO) - a third-party (company or individual) who acts as a referral agent
  2. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) - an organization that offers existing software solutions and engages VoPay to jointly sell payment services to their clients as an integrated solution
  3. Payments Facilitator (PayFac) - an organization that offers an existing software service and engages VoPay to sell payment services to its Customers with control and integration

In general, ISO partners refer business to VoPay and have fewer ongoing responsibilities. On the other hand of the spectrum, PayFac partners have a full-cycle role to play.

What’s Next

Review our integration best practises for partners