Ledger Management

An out-of-the-box ledger and wallet offering

Ledger Management is a set of complementary features that provides an out-of-the-box "wallets" offering that helps with the segregation of funds belonging to various entities while providing virtual "account" structures that can be assigned to entities and where value can be transferred between accounts and can be transferred to and from bank accounts.

Central to Ledger Management is an offering called “Client Accounts” - these are wallets that have the following properties:

  • Can be assigned to a specific entity, individual or business including the VoPay client themselves
  • They can be set up on demand and can be destroyed on demand (with some pre-conditions)
  • They can be set up with a certain type to allow or disallow some types of transactions such as funding from an external source, withdrawal to an external source or transactions with other Client Accounts
  • They can be queried for their transaction history and current balance and status and interactions with other wallets

Client Accounts are one of the following types:

  • Individual: to be assigned to entities that are individuals and can be identified with attributes some as tax ID and address
  • Business: to be assigned to entities that are corporates or other business types and can be identified with a business number
  • Receive only: entities that are either individuals or businesses that are only expecting to receive funds and are not expected to send funds to other entities