Push-to-Card Payments: Visa Direct

Real-time push payments powered by Visa Direct

VoPay’s Visa Direct service enables real-time push payments across Canada to almost any Visa cardholder or bank account. Transactions are protected by Visa’s multi-layered security and funds can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anywhere in Canada

How does it work?

Businesses only require the recipient’s Visa credit card or debit card number to send money (no financial information of the recipient is required for payment). A recipient automatically receives funds in their Visa Debit account within 30 minutes and no action is required on their part.

Visa Direct Processing Schedule

Visa will process the transactions and send the payout within 30 minutes. There are no cut-off times and there is no cap on the number of daily transactions.


Real-time Visa Direct reporting is available in your VoPay client dashboard under the reporting section if you filter by appropriate transaction type.

Transaction and cancellation statuses

Below is a list of transaction statuses for a payment, from start to finish:

Stage 1 >> PENDING >> Visa Direct transaction initiated

Stage 2 >> SUCCESSFUL >> Visa Direct transaction received by recipient


Once a Visa Direct request has been processed and the specified transfers have been created, the transaction can’t be cancelled.

Transaction processing delays

There may be instances when a transaction takes more time than usual to be processed. In this case, we will keep its status pending and start monitoring it until it is processed. If the transaction fails, we will send a notification via webhooks through our API.

Error codes

Error codes for a requested Visa Direct transaction:

  • 701 - Transaction request has been declined by Payment Network
  • 720 - Payment Network is currently unavailable